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Poligy develop engines that converts heat to electricity, through the Bipolymer, an innovative material that allows us to produce renewable energy at a fraction of the current market price.

Geschäftsmodell: B2B

Mitarbeiter: 12

Status Kapitalsuche: Auf Kapitalsuche

Höhe der gesuchten Finanzierung: 1.000.000 €

Gegründet: 2018

Unternehmensphase: Start-up Phase (Gründung und Markteinführung)


Martin Huber, Artur Steffen

Unser Produkt

Traditionally, bimetals have been used for various applications in regards to temperature measurements. Poligy’s innovative material - the Bipolymer, was inspired by the physical properties of bimetals.

We had the idea to weld two different polymers with differing linear expansions together. This allows the material to expand when heated (flattening out), contract when cooled (bending). This physical property of the Bipolymer generates a lot more friction than bimetals. Our engines, then, exploit the bending effect of Bipolymers to move a generator that converts the mechanical movement of the generator into electrical energy that will then be returned into the electrical grid.

Our engines are small and compact (0.14m3, with lengths of less than 1m). They are also easily adaptable for different locations, as there is no complicated method of installation. The heat engine only has to be installed near a heat source for it to function. With the source heating up the Bipolymers at the bottom of the engine, while the top is exposed to cool ambient air temperature, our heat engines are able to work at its optimum efficiency.

Within large industrial facilities with numerous heat sources, a network of heat engines can be formed. This covers the full spectrum of waste heat across the entire facility with no invasive or permanent modifications. Whenever it is required to service the engines, it would be easier and also more cost effective.

Unser Beitrag

With waste heat being an unused resource, Bipolymer heat engines do not require any additional energetic input. Our production line is specially designed to be energy efficient, ensuring a payback period of less than two years. It is also easily recyclable, as no rare earth material is used. With poligy, production plants can achieve higher energy efficiency, while reducing their operational costs at a fraction of the cost.

Predicted extent of possible energy savings:
From our calculations, one Bipolymer heat engine (70cm x 40cm x 50cm) would generate approximately 1500kW per year. Depending on the number of heat sources within a plant, a network of Bipolymer heat engines can be formed. While this is dependent on the size of the plant and the scale of the heat, a typical plant has at least 15 meters of hot pipes. If the Bipolymer heat engines were installed, this network would have an energy recovery capacity of 37,500 kWh/year.

Predicted extent of possible CO2 savings: For every Bipolymer heat engine, approximately 0.22 tons of coal per year, saving approximately 0.6 tons of CO2 annually. A 15-meter network of Bipolymer heat engines would generate enough energy to replace 4.61 tons of coal/year and saving approximately 13 tons of CO2 annually.

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poligy GmbH
poligy GmbH
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