memoresa GmbH is a Saxon IT company based in Leipzig. It was founded in 2019 and develops the eponymous platform memoresa for the management of digital identity and, in particular, digital estate. The software developers at memoresa have many years of experience in the development of complex IT solutions and have spent several years as IT consultants on various client projects in Europe. The legal department of memoresa primarily researches the contents of the powers of attorney in order to make them legally secure over the coming years.

Geschäftsmodell: B2C

Mitarbeiter: 15

Status Kapitalsuche: Auf Kapitalsuche

Höhe der gesuchten Finanzierung: 2.500.000 €

Gegründet: 2019

Unternehmensphase: Start-up Phase (Gründung und Markteinführung)


Jörg Schädlich, Steffen Stundzig, Dr. Anna-Lena Hoffmann

Unser Produkt

memoresa is the online platform for documenting and managing important documents and information of private individuals and companies. Digital access and accounts with banks, insurance companies, utilities and social networks can be maintained and updated easily, flexibly and securely via a user-friendly online portal. For this purpose, we have three different areas in which our users can upload their documents: Digital Estate, Digital Order and Digital Emergency Case.
Our users can decide what to do with their data after their death and also share it with trusted persons.

Unser Beitrag

With a view to the well-being of the climate, offers must be created that are sustainable and attractive, both politically and economically.
More and more people are developing a digital identity. This is made up of photos, chats and online accounts. No paper is needed for this, nevertheless server resources are consumed. So it is important to keep the digital footprint as small as possible. Therefore, we emphasize sensible order, reduction and a networked folder system. Users only deposit the most important information and documents. Afterwards, two thirds of the folders can be recycled. Documents can be shared with contacts and contracts can be cancelled from the portal.
Online profiles occupy storage capacities. With memoresa, you can already arrange for accounts to be terminated after death. This also reduces the digital footprint.
We plan to participate in regional tree planting projects.

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memoresa Team


Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 14
04107 Leipzig

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