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We have developed an innovate design and manufacturing process called reCONNECTED. to change conventional textile production processes with a sustainable solution in order to massively reduce textile waste. Compared to conventional recycling processes, defibration of old textiles is eliminated, no harmful chemicals are used and only a maximum of 10% new fibres are added to the production process.


At the moment, we are developing our brIcolage ,cycle`​` technology. Therefore, we are automating our design and manufacturing process. The brIcolage ,cycle`​ technology engineers products with near zero waste production and guarantees sustainable qualities by using closed loop systems and textile waste.

The current stage of development allows us to produce fabrics in dimension of 1.5m width and half regular (in cut parts) – a zero waste production. The mission is to produce “fully- fashioned“ textile products from already discarded waste resources.

Mitarbeiter: 4

Status Kapitalsuche: Auf Kapitalsuche

Gegründet: 2018

Unternehmensphase: Start-up Phase (Gründung und Markteinführung)


brIcolage Berlin is a team of individuals pursueing the opportunity to bring textile waste back to life. We are looking for Co-Founder (COO) and supporters. Fix the future! together We are looking forward to hear from you!

Unser Produkt

What we offer you__
Our research and textile studio briCo`lab offers customized product solutions for textile waste on an industrial scale.


If you are looking for a sustainable product line for your brand, we can offer you a customized product from your textile waste or from post-consumer-waste.

By ” using whatever is at hand “ … production waste, deadstock, post-consumer-waste …
” and recombining them to create something new “
without defibration of the old textiles.

After analyzing the raw material, we present a design concept to our customers, specially crafted for the brand and it´s image. Each collaboration brings new research and solutions.
Our aim is to transform and expand the existing knowledge of how to use waste resources for textile production. We see a chance to reduce the massive production volumes of new textiles as well as eliminating negative externalities for the environment resulting from traditional textile production methods.
Playing with each material, finding the right manipulation to reveal its richness and to care about our health and our environment are the foundations of this textile laboratory. bring to life again ^- by briCo`lab

We are working closely with industry partners and research institutes across Germany.

We draw on a pool of textile consultancies from different textile and manufacturing fields. So you can be confident we will find the best solution for specialized fashion and textile sectors.

We can reduce future production steps for our costumers by producing half regular (in cut parts) – a zero waste production, which saves energy and money.

We strive for local and social production.

We support with a percentage of our revenue, the companies and the workers behind the production.

Opportunities for you__
Sustainability and the consumer from tomorrow, competitors and their circular concepts,
environment imperative,
forward thinking and planning is necessary, possible new laws and regulations to conform to,
recover a waste product as a resource and source of new revenue,
opportunity to diversify positively from market entrants through responsible and intelligent production for the future of our mother earth,
potential to invest in a progressive system at it’s early stages,
technical innovation that offers the design completely new possibilities,
with new machinery investment, the ability for textile and fashion brands to have an alternative to use ,
[where one currently does not exist on the market] becomes a reality.

Unser Beitrag

The term bricolage, first introduced by the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss in “La pensée sauvage”
(“The savaged mind“) (1962), offered an alternative vision of creativity by “ using whatever is at hand and recombining them to create something new “.


While industrial overproduction has raised a big challenge for our mother earth, our biggest goal has always been to make an active contribution to the solution of global ecological problems and social challenges. We are undertaking the challenge to change how we use our resources and production in contrast to existing textile industry practices over the last 150 years.

What happens if the concept of recycling and upcycling of materials is combined? Our answer is a solution to massively reduce emissions by producing “fully-fashioned” textile products from discarded waste resources.
As a result quantities of waste products could be reduced and emissions from producing new textiles minimized.

Our project lives by passion. However, passion is not enough for change.
Fix the future! together

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Find us on__

Urbanstrasse 71
3.Hof, 4.TRH, 1.OG
10967 Berlin

Supported by "Berliner Startup Stipendium" 2017/2018


brIcolage Berlin
3.Hof, 4.TRH, 1.OG
Urbanstrasse 71
10967 Berlin

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