Operational Costs

  Legal Counseling

  Volunteer Management

  Platform Development



Welche Kosten werden durch ihre Schlüsselaktivitäten verursacht?

1. Operational Costs (Server hosting & Administration)
2. Volunteer Management
3. Production (Development of the platform)
4. Marketing
5. Administration (Finances, Legal)
6. Communication (Networking & Community building, Consultation, Event Organisation)

Beschreiben Sie Ihre Kostenstruktur! Gehen Sie dabei auf fixe und variable Kosten ein!

This is a two years budget plan broken down to monthly costs:

Server Hosting (fixed) 50€/m
Volunteer & Project Management (fixed) 60h: 1200€/m
Rent co-working space (fixed) 300€/m
Marketing & Communication (variable) 40h: (0-800€/m)
Platform Development (Programming) (variable) (0-2.300€/m)
UX Design (variable) (0-70€/m)
Administration & Legal Counseling (variable) 20h: 70€/m
Fundraising (variable) 80h: 1600€/m
Customer Care & Consultation (variable) 60h: 1200€/m
Collaborating with other projects (variable) 40h: 800€/m
Event Organisation/Coordination (variable) 10h: 200€/m

Total Mimimum: 1.550€/m = 18.600€ p.a.
Total Maximum: 8.590€/m = 103.080€ p.a.

Initial Investments
Finding and Creating a Legal Form (variable) 20h: 800€/total
Redesign Branding (variable) (1.000/total)

Welche Hauptinvestitionen müssen Sie tätigen?

Administration & Legal Counseling
We have to find a legal form that reflects our non-profit status and enables us to legally collect (tax free) donations for developing and maintaining the platform

Development of the platform
This is our main product and service. We can try to develop it with coordinated volunteers.
Particularly important for the business model is how we motivate the users to donate. This is a lot of UX Design work.

We want to build a base of regular donors that enable us to plan on a yearly budget. This requires a strategy and a lot of communication on different channels.

We have a working brand with ecobasa. But we never did a proper market research, it is all based on subjective intuition. As the brand is already established we need a communication strategy with this how to introduce the new brand.

Können Kosten durch Einsparungen im Ressourcenverbrauch gesenkt werden?

We did not put any traveling costs, because we don't want to support constant relocation with a budget. We try to hitchhike wherever possible, avoid plane flights, plan a trip with several destinations on the road and stay longer in places if possible.

Können zukünftig zusätzliche Kosten entstehen, wenn nicht nachhaltig gehandelt wird?

If we don't manage to establish a self-governing and self-maintaining structure in the first years, the project will depend on single people that are running it. We make investments in the beginning that enable us to be self-sufficient as fast as possible.

Fallen zusätzliche Kosten für die Berücksichtigung von Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten an?

We invest in the beginning to be self-sustainable in the future. Every aspect of our budget is to sustain the project in the future:
Rebranding, Legal Counselling, Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Consultation, Marketing
Other than that there are no additional costs for certificates.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!