andere relevante Stakeholder




Wer sind (neben Kunden und Schlüsselpartner) weitere erfolgsrelevante Stakeholder/Akteure für Ihr Geschäftsmodell?

Our Volunteers
Because they are not payed, the success of our project depends on their motivation and quality of work

We rely on their support

Have an interest in a working capitalist economy to fund their institution through taxes. Gift-economy could be illegal inside of a state, because its non monetary transactions can not be taxed. Our network could be a thread to the old state and tax concept. We do believe that we are building a better system. And the network will not be taken as a serious thread until it has a few thousand members per state.
We have to be constantly up-to-date with legal changes surrounding gift-economy and have a safe legal form and disclaimer. That is why we want to invest in legal counselling first.

Wie ist deren Einflussmacht auf das Start-up? Sind sie dem Unternehmen und der Geschäftsidee positiv, negativ oder neutral gestimmt?

Positive, they are there because they like the project and they will stay as long as they are happy and motivated to contribute to it.
Negative: They could try to damage the reputation if they have a personal conflict.

They like the project and have a positive impact because they will support the project and help it grow

Positive: They enable team members to work for the project with social security and through funding.
Negative: The legal framework could make our gift-economy activity difficult.

Generiert Ihr Geschäftsmodell einen zusätzlichen Nutzen für weitere Stakeholder/Akteure oder können bisher unbefriedigte Bedürfnisse weiterer Akteure berücksichtigt und genutzt werden?

In our happiness research with our team members we found out that they have been largely motivated by the vision of the project to make a change in the world. They found a good vehicle for their intention and energy. They also found belonging and meaning in their actions and their existence. We have a strong team energy that is ruled by intentions from the heart.

Müssen bestimmte Stakeholder in die Geschäftsmodellentwicklung Ihres Vorhabens eingebunden werden?

Of course the volunteers have to stay motivated and happy. We listen to their needs and ideas. Using Sociocracy 3.0 everybody who is affected by a decision or structure can have a reasonable objection at any time, so we will shape and adjust the model together.

We decided to not include donors or the state, because it will take a lot of energy and compromise our vision. But we are very open for tips, suggestions and critique.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!