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Beschreiben Sie Ihr Nutzenversprechen (Produkt, Dienstleistung)!

For sustainable communities/social projects:
- Outreach to get people to their events and help
- Find more qualified volunteers, experts that can help on a gift-economy basis
- Networking and mutual support among similar projects.

For travelers/volunteers:
- information about different forms of sustainable ways of living
- possibility of contacting projects to experience a sustainable project in practice. We match their values, learning needs and geographical preferences.
- Interaction with peers who have the same interests to form new communities, production lines etc.
- matchmaking between travellers interests, learning needs and the communities offering these.

Friend- and partnerships based on trust are created through the platform and our events. They give meaning and social support.
By focusing our project on gift-economy, we enable everyone to participate, independently on their economic situation. Volunteers don't need to pay for their food and accommodation. And communities take volunteers based on their skills and know-how, thus saving the money they would pay to other experts.

Welches Kundenproblem werden Sie damit lösen?

Pioneers of change usually look for solutions that our current society doesn't provide. Often they reject or hesitate with the use of money, because they know it is not sustainable. But still they have to use it to interact with our society. They experience the usual scarcity around money and feel limited because they don't want to start profitable businesses.

Sustainable communities will save energy and money by learning from best-practices of other communities and will move forward with their projects by receiving qualified support from experts.

People interested in sustainable ways of living will have a directory and search options in order to find a place that matches their interests and knowledge without having to pay a lot of money for their stay.

Wie konkret ist Ihr Nutzenversprechen mit den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit (siehe dazu unter Erläuterungen)vereinbar?

Our focus is supporting and promoting sustainable ways of living and offering people the possibility to experience the different facets by living for a while in a sustainable project.
We bring them in contact with sustainable solutions they can integrate in their daily life.
The hosting community projects receive help from qualified experts that can help with a specific problem. They can increase their resilience without using money (out of unsustainable sources), thus creating sustainable relationships.
We encourage travelers to join already formed buses/caravans or to find other people to start one. We also give tips on traveling without money (hitchhiking) - so using the resources that are already there and the transportation that is already taking place. There are no additional CO2 emissions involved in our logistic system.
Our system reduces consumption and encourages the production of better lasting products that people can share and pass on. Obsolescence doesn't make sense in gift-economy, because you have to work more and can use less. A shift to gift-economy creates an awareness of dependency, also on past and future generations. The use of dangerous technology would not make sense.
Justice will be ensured through collective intelligence and peer evaluation. No institution can be that smart, powerful and efficient as the people next to you, if they know how to collaborate. Everybody has to be in constant non-violent communication for a working gift-economy. We offer individual consulting to support this.
Risky technologies won't be favoured by people

Beschreiben Sie die positiven Auswirkungen Ihres Angebots auf die Umwelt und Gesellschaft!

The way of life that we promote: living in sustainable community projects answers many questions to environmental and social problems that we are facing today. The pioneers of change living in these projects have developed and collected sustainable technologies and practices in all corners of the world.
People who have experienced alternative ways of living in these places (coordinated through our platform) can bring the knowledge back into their life and inspire others. On the platform others can see that they acquired these skills and experiences and they can be contacted and invited by others to share them.
Our network provides opportunities for sustainable education in practice and skill sharing. Like this we empower people to live their life more sustainable, reduce their carbon footprint and become multipliers for others. This kind of direct education is accessible to everybody that can get internet access and finds our platform.

Interacting with gift-economy automatically develops deep sense of social and environmental responsibility, because you realize your ultimate dependencies from nature and other people. Supportive interactions are encouraged and rewarded, exploitative behaviour will receive negative feedback and exclude people from interaction. You have to gain trust and reputation through positive references from others to participate successfully in the network.
Every act of giving that we stimulate through our platform and events will create or deepen a sustainable relationship, while adding reputation to the giver and receiver.
Capitalism is based on competition, consumption, pollution and exploitation, which leads to conflicts, wars, climate change and extinction. Gift-economy is the opposite: It creates collaboration, creativity, systemic thinking, communication, social and environmental responsibility and health. Natural systems will flourish again, where every creature can take it's respective niche to contribute in a diverse and resilient eco(nomic)system.
In a gift-economy you don't necessarily have to be productive to be supported, diversity, integration and solidarity is much more valued. There will be a naturally integrated place for people with special abilities because people care about them based on a relationship, not based on what they can do.
Nobody would dedicate their time to a job that is unsatisfying or doesn't make sense, simply because they don't have to as they won't be rewarded with money or reputation.
There will be no prostitution, trafficking, crime, war or pollution in a gift-economy. It doesn't make sense.
The relationships that emerge through interactions based on gift-economy develop a sense of meaning and belonging in people's lives. They will know about each other's strengths and weaknesses and also care for each other in times of sickness, crisis or unproductivity. Because of that we will see much less civilisation diseases.

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