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Welche Schlüsselressourcen und –fähigkeiten sind für die Umsetzung Ihres Nutzenversprechens notwendig?

Online Platform
This is the main information and communication channel for the customer groups.

Fixed Team
In order to insure a good management of the platform and a continuous flow of information towards our customer groups, as well as fast reaction-times to their questions, needs and feedback, we need a fixed team with clear roles.

We have a far greater network in real-life than on the platform. Through all our channels we can tap into a lot of different resources and people!

Professional Media Partner
The sinnwerkstatt media agency supports the project since years and offers cost-efficient and professional support in developing the online platform

We have charismatic people in the team and get good feedback from people for our activities and values. By winning the Start-Green award we could be also increasing our reputation and our brand awareness.

Member Communities
They make up the database and map of possible places to visit on the platform.
They also offer a lot of resources that are available in the network.

It makes the network decentral, democratic and flexible and enables us to involve all members actively into our network.

Welche davon sind bereits vorhanden, welche müssen erworben oder wofür müssen Partner gefunden werden?

We need more community projects and people to sign up.
We need a fixed team where we can pay people fair salaries.
Everything else is already there.

Sind im Gründungsteam bereits Ressourcen und Fähigkeiten sind zur Einhaltung der definierten Nachhaltigkeitsanforderungen vorhanden oder braucht das Team dazu externe Unterstützung?

As we are pioneering social innovations, we don't have many examples to learn from. All the team members bring inspiration from other projects where they are involved.

Falls umweltkritische Produktionsfaktoren zu den Schlüsselressourcen gehören, wie kann der Einsatz minimiert oder eliminiert werden?

Through terms of service or an agreement that every user has to agree to when signing up: that they won't offer or request unsustainable or illegal things.

Findet das Kreislaufprinzip bei der Nutzung von Schlüsselressourcen Anwendung?

We create circles with gift-economy. Products and resources will be passed on until they are not of interest to anyone anymore. We encourage creative upcycling and re-use of resources. We provide ideas, plans and tutorial how to use recycled materials for sustainable ways of living.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!