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Welche zentralen Aktivitäten sind für die Umsetzung Ihres Nutzenversprechens notwendig?

Platform Management
We respond fast to member questions and requests. We motivate members to get active and update their activities.

Development of the online platform with volunteer management
Through collecting user feedback we develop the platform to answer their needs and motivate them to participate in the gift-network. With UX Design we implement our fundraising strategy to get the users motivated to support the development with donations, feedback and maybe volunteering.
We coordinate volunteers and try to keep them happy and motivated with a constant happiness research and management.

Marketing & Fundraising
We need to raise brand awareness and enlarge our network to reach more customers and donors. We empower people to help with both of these things by become multipliers through participation in our fundraising campaigns. The can host one of our gift-events (see below) to spread the idea of gift-economy, our brand awareness and collect donations for us.
In the coming seed funding phase we will also do additional fundraising until our network and donation-flow is self-sustaining.

Networking Meetings
In Communities-Convergences hosted in a community-project of our network, people from other community-projects and interested gift-pioneers will form bioregional gift-networks. In one week they develop trust, supportive relationships and social tools for collaboration in our network like Sociocracy 3.0.
We use gift-economy to organize them.

Community-Consulting / Gift-Ambassador Trainings
We consult communities how to work with gift-economy, reduce their costs and work with volunteers and our network. We train "gift-ambassadors" how to use our gift-events in their community-projects and Sociocracy 3.0 to collaborate with ambassadors from other community-projects to co-create the network.

Individual consulting & Conflict Resolution
We offer coaching for people interested in sustainable projects and support them in planning a personalized learning tour or joining an existing Community-Tours.
We also help people discover their strengths and unveil their potential through collaboration. We make people gift-pioneers, not only reducing their costs with gift-economy but also bringing gift-economy into the community-projects and caravans. Also we coach them how to use sociocracy 3.0 and co-create the network with us.
In case of a negative volunteering experience from any side, we assist for mediation and conflict resolution so both sides can learn from the experience and improve. From this personal contact and emerging relationship we find a balance point for their contribution to the project in terms of money, time or things.

Of best practices ensure a possible reproduction, automation and scalability.
It is an essential part of our consultation to collect these practices and it also sets standards for quality and reputation. We collect best practices for gift-economy applied in communities and consult communities based on these evolving open-source materials.
We collect best practices for the Community-Tours, Communities-Convergences, gift-events and social tools like the Gift-Circle.

At gift-circles, gift-markets and gift-mobs, people can make positive experiences with the culture of giving and develop a trustful relationship towards our project.
Gift-Circles are a social format where people share their offers and needs in a circle to find matches from the other participants.
We teach how to organize these events to the gift-ambassadors that will implement gift-economy in their community-projects. We link these gift-circles online to match unmet offers and need between the circles.

Welche der Aktivitäten führen Sie selbst aus? Wofür brauchen Sie Partner?

The Community-Tours are self-organized by members of our network. We just help with coordinating and match making on the platform and individual consulting.

The networking meetings are hosted by one of our member communities and co-organized by individual members of our network. The hosts receive support from the participants and in the event the participants generate regional support networks. We just support this with the platform and individual consulting.

This we do ourselves to ensure quality and donations in favor of our service.
The individual and community consulting could also be done by members of our network, but we have to establish some kind of certification or qualification process first. The references and skills on the platform profiles are a good first step.

Everybody can contribute in the collection of best practices for our documentation, as all is editable open-source in etherpads on the platform.

We will try to develop the platform with the help and skillful management of volunteers. Their time and skills are worth more and easier to get than donations in form of money.

Auf welcher Wertschöpfungsstufe positionieren Sie sich?

The logic of classic value proposition does not apply to our project. In mainstream culture, value proposition is based on profit and exploitation. The aim is to generate value for yourself. With acts of unconditional giving, we promote true value proposition that generates surplus for all possible third parties. Every act of giving that we stimulate through our platform and events will grow the network and add reputation to the giver and receiver and reputation in the network. It will create or sustain a sustainable relationship that is based on trust and erase anonymity. Acts of exploitation are not rewarded in this personal transparent system and people with this behaviour will be excluded.
We support this process in all steps from generating the interest, making the contact, coordinating the delivery and enhancing the reputation of the customers and the network through references.
Moreover, we are involving the customer as co-creators of these services to remove ourselves more and more in this creation of value. Like this we become normal participants of the gift-network that constantly generate value for everybody.

Welche Rolle spielt Nachhaltigkeit bei Ihren Schlüsselaktivitäten?

We have a high reputation in sustainability, this is also our unique selling factor. In our key activities we interact with our customers, so we have to demonstrate our sustainability in what we do and the way we do it, to keep the reputation high. Sustainability is one of our values, that guide our actions, so we aim to have key activities that are sustainable, too.

Trust based supportive relationships are one of our value propositions and the base of our gift-network. So we have to create and support the emergence of these relationships in our key activities. We do this on our events, networking meetings, the way we support the organisation of tours, the individual consulting and our marketing strategy.

Our key activities should lead to a self-managing and self-sustaining network, otherwise we are not sustainable. We try to be as efficient as possible with everything we do, because we are limited in time and funds. Using sociocracy 3.0 we evaluate all our decisions, actions and structures for effectiveness and needs. All we do, just serves the purpose of fulfilling our initial needs. We do not just work for money or profit itself.
When the gift-network is working on its own, our job is done and we can benefit from it.
Documentation is really important to make good practices reproducible and ensure quality.

With our key activities we are creating a culture of trust and support. Capitalism stimulates consumption, competition and exploitation, which leads to conflicts, war, climate change and extinction. Trust and support lead to responsibility, creativity, environmental protection and sustainable lifestyles.

Wie müssen Schlüsselaktivitäten gestaltet werden, damit das Unternehmen nachhaltiger ist?

The development of the platform will be done open-source with many international volunteers.

Our marketing strategy and funding campaigns are creating regular long term donors and multipliers that will sustain the project.

The gift-delivery in form of existing Community-Tours has no CO2 emissions and covers other purposes for participants and hosts at the same time: Alternative education about sustainable ways of living, skill sharing, support for the hosts from experts, knowledge and experience transfer between the community projects.

The documentation of best-practices in our network, for example how to host gift-events, build communities using gift-economy or organize community-tours is open-source on the platform. Everybody can edit and add content.

Welche Risiken (z.B. Änderung gesetzlicher Auflagen, Reputationsverlust etc.) können durch nachhaltigere Schlüsselaktivitäten vermieden werden?

With our individual consulting we make sure that travelling volunteers understand the principles of gift-economy and communicate in a way that make it easier for win-win relationships to happen.
Also we consult communities how to update their profiles and how to manage their volunteers effectively to save money and receive more support. This keeps the reputation of our network high.
It also creates personal relationships between our customers and the members of our team. It is more natural to support somebody that you know and you know they do good work with a donation.
We outsourced legal counseling, but it is essential to stay in an official and legal frame to keep operating.

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