Community Projects

  Travelling Volunteers

  Existing Networks (GEN; FIC..)


  Media Partner Sinnwerkstatt

  Linaria e.V.

Welche Schlüsselpartner benötigen Sie, um ihr Nutzenversprechen zu erfüllen?

Our customers/target groups are also our main partners we need for the value proposition as they are our network and logistics.
1. Sustainable community projects that can provide food and accommodation for volunteers and want to use gift-economy.
* Intentional Communities and ecovillages
* Transition Town Initiatives
* Regional Networks
2. People interested in sustainable life-styles, volunteers
3. Travelers on Community-Tours: Comun Tierra, Comunidad Rodante, Slow Tours etc. are our logistic network. And individuals are promoting the network and helping communities to sign up.
4. Like-minded networks and movements with shared target groups, values and practices: Global Ecovillage Movement, Fellowship of Intentional Communities, Transition Towns, the Gift-Economy movement, the Sharing-economy, De-growth, Economy of the common good, etc.
5. Sinnwerkstatt: our professional media partner, which supports the project since years and
offers cost-efficient and professional support in developing the online platform. They are part of a Berliner co-working space, Thinkfarm, where we are also in contact with interesting sustainable projects.
6. Linaria e.V.: is committed to sustainable technology and knowledge exchange with a global focus and can offer consulting
7. Ecobasa is an aspiring member of ECOLISE: a shared platform for learning, action and advocacy of community-based initiatives on climate change and sustainability in Europe.

Wer sind die wichtigsten Geschäftspartner und Lieferanten?

1. Global Ecovillage Network (GEN): huge global network, established, very well known in the scene, are able to do lobby on higher levels. They reach out to over 10.000 community projects and agreed to share their database and outreach channels with us.
2. Fellowship of Intentional Communities (FIC): Largest community network, focussing on North America. They are also open for collaboration and sharing their database.
3. Comun Tierra: very active community-tour. The travel themselves and share personal experiences about all the places they visited. The built a big database already: 180 communities and projects registered in Latin America.

Welche Schlüsselressourcen beziehen Sie von Partnern? Welche Schlüsselaktivitäten üben Partner aus?

Their network, their contacts, their data, their outreach channels. They spread our informations, campaigns, events and services.
The traveling volunteers build caravans on community-tours that deliver the needs to the communities.

Welche Partner benötigen Sie, um Ihr Angebot nachhaltig zu gestalten? Wer kann Sie darüber hinaus unterstützen (z.B. Verbände/ Organisationen)?

We built on and collaborate with existing networks covering our target groups.
Furthermore, a key resource is the dynamic start-up scene in Berlin, with its various trainings, workshops and coaching offers (some even pro-bono). There is also the chance to exchange knowledge and learn from peers and green entrepreneurs, by participating in Open Coffee Clubs, Startup-Weekends and various networking meetings.

Welche Nachhaltigkeitsanforderungen sind entlang Ihrer Wertschöpfungskette relevant? Wie können Sie diese Nachhaltigkeitsanforderungen erfüllen?

Sustainability in production: We are working on an open-source software project, using just open-sourced third party requirements. Any programmer who has a bit of time, can work on the code.
We carefully document everything to make it easy for strangers to get into our project.

Sustainability in marketing: We have a yearly fundraising campaign that enables supporters to become multipliers. They can host gift-economy events and small campaigns and collect donations for us. The events and relationships that emerge from them are fun and give a lot of social support and personal meaning. They generate surplus and a lot of gifts for the participants. Probably they will like to repeat them, more than once a year.

Sustainability in service: We develop trustful relationships with our customers, in our public communication and especially in the individual consulting and our events. We listen to their specific needs and interests and guide them in their creative journey to find their own solutions that work best for them at the time. In our events and consulting we teach social tools that enable and boost effective collaboration and self-governance. They will be independent from us in the future and can become replicators to teach others. As they will work more closely with our network, they will become part of the network and support us to collect donations in the future, too.

Sustainability in delivery: We coordinate the flow of gifts and volunteers in traveling caravans: the Community-Tours. These caravans are already on the road all around the world and we have no additional CO2 emissions for the delivery. We have even Community-Tours with bicycle and boats.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!