Donations from: users; event participants; clients

  Multipliers in yearly fundraising campaign

Welche Arten von Ertrag möchten Sie erzielen? Wie soll das Preismodell gestaltet sein?

As we work on gift economy, we want to be sustained by voluntary donations.
1. Everybody that signs up on the platform, will be asked to donate any amount (regular or one time only) to enter the gift-network with an act of giving and supporting its structure.
2. In every message that the user gets from the system, or from our staff we remind the clients that we rely on their donations.
3. Donations for consulting services: individual or communities consulting
4. Donations from events: At all events we participate (gift-circle, presentation, training, networking event) we ask participants for donations for our work.

Every year we have a fundraising campaign, where we encourage people to support us by collecting donations and hosting (fundraising) events.
Until we are self-sustainable from donations, our fundraisers will acquire funds
We can satisfy our own needs form the network itself. One team member already got a new smartphone in the last event we hosted.

Für welchen Nutzen sind Ihre Kunden wirklich zu zahlen bereit? Wie hoch ist die Zahlungsbereitschaft Ihrer Kunden?

Everybody who enters the platform will start with at least one euro. Every member of our network is already interested in gift-economy. So the act of giving should come naturally to them. If not in the beginning then later, after they made positive experiences or interacted more with the project.
Our standard suggested amount is 50€ and many people are willing to pay that.
After doing a market research amongst people who shifted from offering services with a fixed price to offering services with gift-economy, we realized that this can even increase the revenues. Key is: communicate all your costs transparent and what your service would cost in the “business world”, but still keep it open for the customer to assess the value your work has brought to her/him. This is still an innovative revenue-model, but we truly believe in it as it is in the spirit of our network!

Gibt es mehrere Ertragsquellen? Wie viel trägt jede Ertragsquelle zum Gesamtumsatz bei?

As we work on the base of gift-economy, our revenue will consist of donations.
1. Donations from the users of the platform: we accept one-time donations but in our fundraising strategy we aim for regular ones. (40%)
2. Donations for consulting services: individual or communities consulting (8%)
3. Donations for events: At all events we participate (gift-circle, presentation, training, networking event) we ask participants for donations for our work. (2%)
4. Yearly donation campaign: people can participate in the campaign and become multipliers to raise funds for us (50%)
5. Fundraising until we can sustain the project from donations

Wird Ihr Geschäftsmodell durch eine nachhaltige Ausrichtung attraktiver für Geldgeber? Wenn ja, für welche?

Every donation is and investment into a sustainable economic system that can serve as an alternative to capitalism. We don’t promise any financial revenue, but an endless supply covering everybodies needs in the form of skills, resources, people, places, knowledge and experiences through the network. We think this is more sustainable than making more money.

Ermöglicht die Ausrichtung des Geschäftsmodells auf Nachhaltigkeit einen verbesserten Zugang zu Erlösquellen?

Our project addresses many different aspects of sustainablity on many different layers. It seems that a broad spectrum of funding possiblities should be accessible. Though it seems that the project is too sustainable and ahead of its time. Funding programs are not designed to fit our structure or way of operation. We are cutting the edges of social innovation in the way that we work together and structure the network. Funding programmes are often designed to work within the financial system and sustain the system itself. We are opposing green-washing and venture capitalists, we only want true philanthropists to support us. Otherwise we can not really make a subsistential change.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!