Vision & Mission

  Driver & Values

Beschreiben Sie kurz und verständlich Ihre Vision: Welches langfristige Ziel bestimmt die Richtung für Ihr Geschäftsmodell?

*** We just switched to use Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) as a governance system. In S3 we replaced Mission, Vision & Aims with Drivers and Values. We have already formulated values, because we found it important and sustainable, but we are currently in the process to formulate our main- and sub-drivers. ***

Vision: We are striving for a healthy and sustainable society that can be a realistic alternative to the mainstream.
We think that open communities that are interconnected in a larger network, can be this alternative.
These communities form an ecosystem that provides plenty of solutions and resources. In this way the network serves a broad spectrum of human, social and environmental needs.
We believe in the sustainability of gift-economy, because it creates supportive relationships, responsibility, and a culture of trust and support. This culture alone would make the world a better place.

Welche Mission verfolgen Sie mit Ihrem Geschäftsmodell?

We pioneer cultural transformation towards a healthy and sustainable human society by providing open-source blueprints for:

1. An online platform for collaboration and gift-economy exchange around sustainable ways of living (
2. Community-Tours (Community gift-exchange routes)
3. Communities Convergences (Regional networking meetings)
4. Community Design Blueprints, so they can become open network hubs that benefit from the network as much as possible

By doing this we are creating a global gift economy network that is decentralized, grass-roots, sharing openly and transparently solutions and resources, and is based on supportive relationships between people and projects locally. We develop scripts for interaction that enable gift-economy relationships to emerge. We wish to be both stewards and beneficiaries of this network and to empower people and projects to reach their full potential by co-creating it together.

We do this on the following levels:

1. Empower event participants and members of our platform and network to develop themselves further. We wish to cultivate personal autonomy and self-reliance as well as collaboration and community spirit.
2. We cultivate collaboration between working groups and teams through tools of social interaction, organization, online collaboration and team building. In this way people can realize more than they could do on their own – effectively, healthy and easily.
3. We support communities with holistic worldviews to be more sustainable and to be integrated into our network.
4. We provide the initial dynamics, infrastructure and tools for bio-regional networks to be self-organized by local communities and organizations.
5. By embedding them in an international network and online community, they can exchange and support each other on regional and global levels. With online tools we want to empower them to make collective decision making, collaboration and organization on more complex issues that also affect people that can not talk to each other directly.
6. We not only want to create this on our own within our growing network, but we are also looking for potential partners and partner organizations that follow the same aims, to collaborate and join forces.

Durch welche Werte ist ihr Geschäftsmodell bestimmt?

Every person agrees to be solely responsible for defining the amount of energy and time he or she brings in, as well as deciding on the roles and tasks he or she takes. People are responsible for their own personal development, energy level and for fulfilling the commitments they made.
Any commitment to take a task or role should be communicated transparently to those whose tasks and roles are significantly connected. If a commitment can not be carried out in the form or at the time agreed with others, this should also be communicated in good time.
If there are obstacles, the responsible person will tell others about it and ask for help.
Furthermore everyone is responsible for the people around them and the place where they are.
Each person shall be supportive of others on personal and work issues to the extent of self responsible capacity. Feedback should be constructive and supportive and objections reasonable. Non-violence in communication and action as well as respect and empathy for self and others are an agreed collective practice.
We all are also responsible for the environment and nature.

Any co-creator should have access to all information about the project and how to use the organizational structure and archive about the activity of any circle and about activity that affects them. Co-workers are responsible for making this possible and effective. Transparency refers to needs, budget, feelings, information etc. We communicate publicly about our donations and expenditures.

A willingness to be approachable and to listen objectively: To consider alternatives and to try to include all healthy interests involved. It also refers to receiving and giving feedback: Open for change, for new people, spontaneous impulses and critique.

Awareness of power
We practice awareness and fair use of different types of power such as levels of skills, abilities, influence, status, roles, as well as age, gender, personal experience, tolerance to stress, energy levels and others.

Collaboration is the art of many working together as One.
It differs from cooperation. Cooperation is a voluntary arrangement in which you engage with others in a mutually beneficial exchange. Collaboration entails removing the personal self from the equation and allowing the group wisdom to emerge.

Welche Rolle sollen ökonomische, ökologische oder gesellschaftliche Nachhaltigkeitsziele spielen?

A sustainable global community is our highest goal. All aspects of sustainability will be implemented in the gift-network of sustainable communities and ecovillages. An ecovillage is defined through its activities in all four aspects of sustainability. We are building a bridge to the mainstream society to integrate their skills and resources into our rapidly growing network and inspire them to join a community, start a new one or integrate some technologies and practices into their daily lives.

Welche Nachhaltigkeitsprinzipien (siehe dazu auch unter Erläuterungen) spielen für ihre Geschäftsidee eine Rolle? Erläutern Sie dies knapp!

All aspects of sustainability are at the core of this project. We promote and teach sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyles in a sustainable way. We don't want to develop any dependencies. We use green hosting and reduce CO2 emissions for transport and production of products and resources within the network.
Gift-economy itself is the answer to the struggles between the holistic sustainability and the economic sustainability.
We close loops of unused and available resources and make them re-usable.

Welchen konkreten Beitrag wird Ihr Start-up zur Erreichung von Nachhaltigkeitszielen in 5 oder 10 Jahren geleistet haben?

By growing the network and stimulating its members to interact using gift-economy we will have a huge global impact.
We expect an exponential growth to about 10.000 community projects in 5 years and 100.000 in 10 years.
Every community will lower their emissions even further with the help of the network. Communities have an average of 15 members. Every community will host an average of 4 volunteers a year through our platform. This will inspire 40.000 people in 5 years and 400.000 people in 10 years to change their lifestyle, in order to be more sustainable.

Wie profitiert Ihr Geschäftsmodell/ Ihre Gründung davon, wenn Sie Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit (siehe dazu auch unter Erläuterungen) verstärkt integrieren?

Cost reduction is a very important factor, because our revenue from donations will be limited and people will have a close look on what we spend the money for. As transparency is one of our values, we are 100% transparent with our donations, budgets and expenses.

We have to keep our reputation high and reduce the risk to loose it. We ensure this with consulting, training, documentation and peer reviews.

Our current branding reflects trust, humanitarian values, transparency and openness. These values and associations are essential to develop a trustful and supportive relationship with our brand.
With a rebranding we could even enhance this.

We have a constant happiness research among our team members. As we are not able to pay wages yet, we try to keep the motivation and identification of our team members with the project as high as possible.

We are networking (since this project was just an idea) with all existing community and gift-economy networks and platforms. We share the same values and are looking for ways and technologies that enable collaboration. We have agreements to share and exchange data with the biggest existing network databases (GEN+FIC). This will grow our network to more than 10.000 communities.

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf, dem Portal für die Grüne Gründerszene!