Sustainable Identity


SUSTAINABLE IDENTITY is a certification for fashion goods made with respect for the environment, the workers’ rights, and consumers’ health.
Our duty is to verify and certify the accuracy of the sustainability claims made by fashion brands in order to facilitate the purchase decision of the end consumer.
More than just a certification, we are helping fashion brands to communicate to consumers their commitment with the environment, worker’s wellbeing and consumers’ health with an attractive image, in line with the fashion market aesthetics.
Our aim is to make sustainable fashion the new movement that consumers want to wear, and our certification, the icon of this movement.

Geschäftsmodell: B2B

Status Kapitalsuche: Auf Kapitalsuche

Höhe der gesuchten Finanzierung: 420.000 €

Gegründet: 2019

Unternehmensphase: Start-up Phase (Gründung und Markteinführung)


MATHILDE CHARPAIL – Founder 10 years’ experience in supply chain, finance, and legal management in different sectors. She started her career working in humanitarian emergency relief logistics which has taught her hyper-efficiency at work and the will to improve the lives of the most underprivileged. In 2013, when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapses in Bangladesh, she happened to be working for a textile company producing in Bangladesh. That event impacted her greatly: the first seed of the project was sown. Before starting this project, she worked 4 years for the organization of the Olympic Games where she acquired many of the skills necessary to manage a large-scale global project. In 2018, she launched (currently 19k unique visitors/month). She is also a consultant in sustainability questions for fashion brands.

Unser Produkt

SUSTAINABLE IDENTITY is the only certification for sustainable fashion with an attractive image, an effective communication and clear requirements on environmental, social and chemicals aspects.
To that end, we established clear and verifiable requirements on the environmental and social impact of fashion goods production such as the environmental impact of the fiber used, the chemical involved in the production and the working conditions of the garment workers.
We encourage brands to display OUR logo outside certified clothes to enable consumers to show their values to the world in a trendy way (same concept as the e-vehicles with the blue or green colour touch).
Our VISION is to become the visual icon of the global movement of conscious consumers.
In that sense, it is an innovative concept as it combines verification with marketing, promotion and fashion communication.

Unser Beitrag

Our objective is to:
o Provide the end consumer with one clear interpretation of the sustainable fashion concept
o Set a tolerance threshold for the garment production impacts on the environment, workers’ life and consumers’ health
o Convert sustainable fashion into the new global movement
o Push brands to improve their production methods to gain market share thanks to our certification logo displayed on certified products.

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Jordane Crantelle
James Sullivan
Rohit Shah
Mathilde Charpail

The Sustainable Identity team has already developed and launched in 2017 a platform called Sustain Your Style. Sustain Your Style is a webpage ( - 10.000 visits/month), and Instagram account (@sustainyourstyle - 15k followers) whose objective is to raise awareness among consumers about social and environmental issues in the fashion industry, and to bring solutions. Sustain Your Style also features sustainable brands and products with a modern and attractive look to show consumers that it is possible to wear clothes that are ethically and aesthetically beautiful.
The audience of both the webpage and the Instagram account is growing steadily.
We are regularly contacted by media and universities to give our input on sustainable fashion questions.
The platform will be a good base for Sustainable Identity communication.


Sustainable Identity
Rheinsberger St. 76/77
10115 Berlin

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