fineyellow is the marketplace that connects fashionable consumers in the premium segment with a selection of stylish clothes from brands that produce fair and sustainable. The marketplace offers a solution for emerging brands who are challenging the norms of the fashion industry. These brands often lack the resources to win against big conventional fashion brands. The brands can showcase their products on fineyellow hassle free thanks to the automated product synchronisation. By developing algorithm-based product suggestions we make sure that their products are found by the right customers. On the other side fineyellow’s consumers can conveniently shop fair and sustainable fashion, that is in line with their budget and style. On top of this we help consumers make well-informed choices by communicating our products ethical standards in an honest and transparent way.
Our goal is to redefine the way people shop for sustainable fashion and ensure that the ethical standards we define today become tomorrow's standards.

Geschäftsmodell: B2C

Status Kapitalsuche: Auf Kapitalsuche

Höhe der gesuchten Finanzierung: 500.000 €

Gegründet: 2018

Unternehmensphase: Start-up Phase (Gründung und Markteinführung)


Assunta is fineyellow’s founder, and contributes extensive expertise in scaling and building online business and e-commerce (amongst others in the fashion industry), as well as in leading diverse teams. Previously she worked for the innovative and growth-driven technology companies Rocket Internet as Global Venture Developer and Google in Marketing. She obtained a highly-recognized business education at the Universities of St. Gallen and Fribourg in Switzerland and a programming degree in Silicon Valley. During her employment as Global Venture Development Manager at Rocket Internet Assunta supported seven portfolio companies in strategic positions. From this she gained deep strategic and operational expertise in structuring sales and marketing teams in diverse settings to put them on a growth trajectory towards ambitions goals. At Google, she was in charge of optimizing marketing channels towards growth and to manage budgeting as well as reporting processes. Her strongest specialisation is in process optimisation and management of the business strategy.

Unser Produkt

fineyellow is the missing piece between the growing ecosystem of impact-driven fashion brands and consumers. We have launched our online shop in February 2019 and already have over 1,500 unique users per month. We grow our user base organically through social media, which has already resulted in a growing number of sales.
On top of organic marketing through social media, we are collaborating with micro-influencers, had features in well-known fashion and lifestyle magazines as well as the radio. To further scale-up traffic and conversions we are setting up digital marketing and are organising workshops and a pop-up store.
On the supply side, we meet new brands through trade-fairs, personal introductions and cold outreach. All three channels work very well and have similar conversion rates. In general we see an extremely positive reception of our business model from the brand’s side and have quite a lot of incoming requests from brands who contact us to collaborate.

Unser Beitrag

fineyellow is a truly disruptive market player, because sustainability is in our DNA and not an add-on to our business model. By giving consumers an easy access to the clothes and accessories produced in a fair and sustainable way, we have a great potential to shift consumer mindset and consequently their purchasing habits in favour of slow fashion. This way we are making a small but actual contribution on the environmental and social problems of the fashion industry.
We educate our users and customers in an entertaining way, presenting relevant and verified information on best sustainable practices to shop, use, care and recycle the products. By doing so, we aim to make sustainable lifestyle more accessible to a broader audience
We are not trying to incrementally improve the fashion industry, but rather offer a real alternative to customers who would normally shop conventional fashion

Interesse an der Teilnahme an einem Inkubatoren- oder Accelerator-Programm?


Obtaining the funding would allow us to develop the capacity of our technological capabilities . That way, we can leverage customer data to create a better customer experience, as well as develop our product synchronization systems to facilitate a seamless cooperation with our brands. Through funding, we would also be able to grow our team to quickly scale the business side

We ensure you that even through our growth, we maintain a strong and personal relationship with the brands on fineyellow, and support them to grow with us. This will include advisory services, implemented later as part of the business model, to support the brands in increasing their production while staying true to their values. Increasing the number of brands available on fineyellow is also a way to mitigate this risk.


Greifswalder Straße 203
10405 Berlin

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